“Make I no talk ontop your matter bros” – Tonto Dikeh claps back at IK Ogbonna

Tonto Dikeh has fired back at IK Ogbonna who in his call out post, told her to think about her child while breaking the internet.

IK Ogbonna who reacted to Tonto Dikeh’s post after her explosive disclosure, had written ‘while breaking the internet think of ur pikin, to whom it may concern’.

However Tonto Dikeh who slammed IK Ogbonna, stated that she knows a lot about the actor and all he can do is just sue which will get dragged and eventually dropped after he gets tired.

Read her post below;

Dikeh also took her threat against IK Ogbonna a step further, threatened to sue him and also demand his butt x-ray.

Tonto Dikeh who also warned IK Ogbonna to never mention her son’s name in a troll post against her, also told him to think about how their fallout will affect his son.

Recall that IK Ogbonna had been accused of being gay by Bold Pink who he threatened to sue for defamation. Tonto Dikeh who cashed on it and threatened to sue IK Ogbonna and also demand his butt x-ray, wrote;

@ikogbonna Think about your son and how this fallout will affect him!!
Cause i am a no hold back kinda sis my brother!!
#E go bad #cause i don wan talk since you sue that girl but i just calm #Myown is i will sue you back and demand for your butt x-ray #Dont play with me ik
And IK don’t EVER mention my son again.

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